Agents of Trvth

TRVTH Online was created as a platform to inform, our undenying passion to visually represent our generation through the use of mixed media sources matched with our ability to project unheard voices brought about the manifestation of TRVTH. Throughout our existence we have championed real life events over constructed narratives, we have presented stories which have been the lived experience of our population, from all four corners of the world, a great deal of the worlds concerns somehow find itself on the cold rainy shores of the United Kingdom, a place where diversity coincides with passion with a touch of gunpowder, sparks fly, music, culture and art are all by-products of our spiritual collaboration. Not only do we present and package true stories, we also help brands tell their truths through compelling campaigns which captivate and conjure a relationship which we can only describe as telekinetic energy. If you are a brand, band, musician artist or free thinker and you have a true story to tell, please check our service list below to see where our technical and creative expertise may help  you reach new erudite audiences. Low and behold, the truth always transpires, let us see how we can help bring new light to your innermost passions and stories.

Our Team of Contributors

Jermain Dubois

Editor In Chief

Jermain here, I concentrate on the tone and direction of all content on the platform, im a glorified copywriter.

Cole Dop

Creative Director

Cole DOP, also known as cinematographer, my role is sometimes confused with cameraman or producer. I do both!

Pia Heidelberg

Research Director

Hey im Pia, i'm the platforms fact checker, I try my best to curb sensationalism and try to remain factual as much as possible.

Our team of contributors come from all over the world, all of whom have decended on to the United Kingdom, most of which are based within the creative confines of London. Our diverse team covers all subjects from art, culture, architecture, current affairs, technology, nutrition, superstition, health, wealth, gender, sexuality, music, film, fashion and of course TRVTH. Over the years we have noticed that real primary information has been under attack by different protagosits like legacy media platforms, smaller voices have moved on to social media, however, the content on social media is short form and usually lacks multiple perspectives, we some times find ourselves in the cess pitted comment section to find further context, there you will find every opion presented on the least favourable way, marred with insults, toxicity and trolling.


We decided it was time to take on the comments section to present readable, real life opinion which could be read and understood, we wanted to create more long form opionated editorial which elevated stories as opposed to 'dumbing down', a term we wouldnt normlly use, but also a term which has become a soundbite to describe the lack of depth experienced when consuming content through social platforms. So here you have it TRVTH Media Group, unbiased, however opinionated content from contributors who are of global lineage but have a connection to London, United Kingdom. We speak for the world, from the perspective and position from one of the most influential cities on the world stage. We hope you like and share our stories, we feel we have an alternative perspective to the narratives and stories which are continually propagated.

Agents of Creativity


Media Production House

We also do commission based projects, we are not just opinionated, we are also dreamers, free thinkers, and creatives, we can create content for you, get in touch with your brief ideas.

Do You Have Ideas?

The majority of content on our platform is original, we create it, colour grade, master, audio, colour grade, finalise and make it ready for you to critique! If you like our style we can help you too!

Commercial & Corporate

Right from video to photography, to editing to voice over work, we have tight knit teams of creatives who can think critically, effectively, efficiently and of course independantly.